Barbecuing with Hardwood Charcoal

Barbecuing with Hardwood Charcoal

Why BBQs are better with Hardwood Charcoal

Restaurant Grade Charcoal, Marabu Charcoal and Namibian Hardwood 

As more and more of us enjoy the passion of Barbecuing at home, using Grills, Pizza Ovens or Smokers, here at Surefire Wood we have extended our BBQ range to include more Restaurant Grade Charcoal, Marabu Charcoal and Namibian Hardwood to suit our customers.  

We continue to source only high-quality charcoal and wood, with no additives and longer burning times, so you can cook at a consistent temperature for more efficient cooking and flavours.  

Our hardwood charcoal has less water content, so doesn't spark, or spit as much as regular forecourt charcoal and produces much less smoke.

Available in 12kg and 15kg bags, our denser charcoal gets up to heat quickly and lasts longer, making it ideal for family gatherings or large get togethers.  

You can order online for deliveries of Small Bundles or for the more enthusiastic Cook, larger deliveries are possible.  You can also cook with hardwood and as the largest Kiln Dried Firewood Producer in the UK and Ireland, we have been supplying many well-known Pubs, Restaurants, Pizza Outlets and Outdoor Caterers across these Islands for years.

Happy Cooking! 

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