All our Wood Pellet Products are ENplus Certified, and BSL Authorised

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Enplus certification


Being ENplus certified means...

From the early stages of production to the delivery process, we make sure that we have detailed guidelines, efficient monitoring procedures, and dedicated training at our disposal to ensure high and consistent quality levels.

Of course, the pellets themselves must also meet a variety of technical specifications. In addition to length and diameter, ENplus® pellets are also tested for mechanical durability, percentage of fines, bulk density, etc. Ash and moisture content must stay in check too, as well as the calorific values and the percentage of additives. All this to guarantee that pellet appliances will perform at their best, with no hassle, and for a long time, when fueled with ENplus® pellets.

Our specification in detail:

Wood Pellet Specification

To find out more on how our pellets are certified, see the Enplus website

We are also a BSL authorised provider. You can find out more about what it means to be authorised on the Suppliers list.