stacked vs loose logs comparison

Stacked vs Loose Logs

Many Suppliers of Imported Crates vastly exaggerate how much is in a crate compared to a loose-filled bag.

If you are buying Crates at the minute, measure the actual wood inside and compare. Still confused!? Contact us and we would be happy to work it out for you.

We do our own comparison of what is in our bags compared to what it is stacked. 

Below is a table comparison comparing our Bags versus volume of stacked wood. (Dimensions are for actual wood stacked only, and do not include crate dimensions):

 Log Size
Stacked Volume (m3)
Loose Volume (m3)
Cost per
Dumpy Bag 0.55 0.8
€186.25 /m3
Jumbo Bag 0.65 1
€175 /m3
Super Jumbo Bag 1.05 1.6
€146.88 m3
4x Barrow Bags 0.75 1.05
€47.25 /bag
6x Barrow Bags 1.1 1.6
€41.50 /bag
40x Woven Bags 1.1 1.6
€6.88 /bag
60x Woven Bags 1.55 2.4
€6.08 /bag
80x Woven Bags 2.05 3.2
€5.44 /bag

Please note that while we do everything we can to ensure our firewood exceeds the above specification, a tolerance of -/+ 5% should be applied in all cases.