Bark Wholesale Delivery

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Bark Wholesale Delivery

Wholesale Compost and Wood Chip Delivery

We are delighted to be able to offer a range of wholesale garden products including:

  • Bark
  • Compost
  • Wood Chip

Our Bark is a mix of decorative Bark Chips, ideal for Garden Beds, around shrubs and trees.  It cuts down maintenance by suppressing weeds and is ideal for tidying garden borders, flower beds and paths.  Other benefits include conserving soil moisture during hot weather, reducing soil erosion during wet weather, and protecting plant roots during frosty periods.

Our Compost is a formulated blend of well-rotted manure, composted bark and topsoil, producing a rich fertile soil with a high organic matter content.  It is Ideal for growing fruit and vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes and many more or just adding to your raised beds to add nutrients.

Our Wood Chip is a multi-purpose ground cover ideal for pathways, play areas or around trees.  It is long-lasting, low maintenance giving a natural finish which can also be used as a mulch.

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