FSC Friday 2019

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FSC Friday 2019

FSC Friday 2019

On 27th September 2019, it is FSC Friday - and also 25 years since the beginning of the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an independent, non-governmental organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Since FSC’s Founding Assembly held in Toronto in 1993 and its first certificates issued, a lot has been accomplished and much more needs to be done. In 25 years FSC has certified over 200 million hectares of forests, in over 80 countries worldwide.


Over the years, many FSC innovations have significantly influenced the way forests are managed. This influence goes way beyond FSC-certified areas. Let me mention two of these innovations:

  • They developed the concept of high conservation value forests, now used by many actors including outside the forestry sector. This concept has a positive impact on environmental protection and social benefits in many areas – for instance, those used for agricultural commodities.
  • Controlled wood has become a de facto industry norm in the forestry sector. With a stronger controlled wood standard now in place, we may use it as a stepping stone in a strong push for FSC certification to become the norm.


Here at Surefire Wood, we have a wide range of FSC® Certified Products, sourced from well-managed forests in the UK and Ireland. Look out for the FSC mark on all our relevant products.

Find out more about FSC's 25-year history by reading the latest article by their Director General, Kim Carstensen.


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